Ridgeline Monsoon Elite II Smock Teak

£239.99 £194.95

Ridgeline Monsoon Elite 2 Smock. Brand new Autumn/Winter 2017! With Ridgeline’s new RL Hydrostretch 3 layer membrane making it waterproof and breathable. 



The new Ridgeline Monsoon Elite II uses a major advance in Ridgeline fabric technology. Made with the new RL #Hi-DROSTRETCH 5K™ 3 layer

laminated shell therefore making it light, waterproof (10,000 H20) and breathable (5,000 MVT). The new Ridgeline Monsoon Elite II is probably the most versatile and comfortable smock on the market. A major advantage of this new fabric is that it does not absorb or retain water therefore reducing weight and discomfort. This allows the garment to dry quickly and keep you comfortable for longer. All in all the new Monsoon Elite II Smock with features such as wired and removable hood, neoprene inner cuffs, waterproof zips, binocular pocket, waist clinch and classic New Zealand style makes it the best in its class. Pair with any Ridgeline trousers. 

  • Wired and removeable hood
  • Neoprene inner cuffs
  • Waterproof cuffs
  • Binocular pocket
  • Waist clinch
  • New RL Hydrostretch membrane making it waterproof, windproof and breathable.